Impressive 2020 Car Design: Exterior, Interior, And Color And Trim

There are so many car designs available in the automotive industry that choosing a car these days isn’t easy. These designs go beyond the style or the size of the vehicle, going ahead to include many other details that will get heads turning when your auto passes by. There are many features car manufacturers keep adding to vehicles, including the ceramic coating for cars.

Car manufactures are upgrading their cars to include these impressive designs, and so are car owners looking to give their vehicle an amazing makeover and a compelling design. Some of these features include:

Interior Designs

The new interior designs available in 2020 that impresses us is the diamond pattern seating surfaces which comes with a combination of rubber, leather, and aluminum. Also, many cars come with Android Auto pre-installed to help maximize the driver’s experience as well as the infotainment system. There is also the 20-speaker sound system installed to new cars, starter button, heated steering and touchscreens mounted vertically. The latest and most impressive car trim available in 2020 is the wooden trim which top automobiles are beginning to use in their latest cars


Some of the new colors that we have found impressive in 2020 and is bound to turn heads when you drive back are Sublime, Lantana Purple, and Blush pearl. Sublime is a shade of green that is eye-catching and common with Dodge cars. Lantana purple is also another color which looks very chic and rocking. If you’re still into green, you would love the Verde Chiaro, which is a lighter shade that is bound to remind you of home. Blush pearl is hot and pink and makes you think of candy. Once you’ve painted your cars into one of these retina-searing colors, ensure you preserve it with one of the best nano-ceramic coating products.


The exterior of a vehicle needs to be at the top of its game if you intend to make an impression, and there are many breathtaking exterior designs in 2020. The honeycomb grille is one of those designs that manufacturers are adding to their cars to stand out. Another impressive design is the retractable door handles and headlights that are ultra-slim. The nano-coating is also a new protective design manufacturer are adding to cars to protect the paint. Car owners can also lookout for the best nano-ceramic coating product and apply it to their car for protection.

Post Author: Olivia Ava