Few Tips for Classic Car Maintenance and Their Shipping

Having a vintage car is really a matter of pride and its value also appreciates over a period of time. However, while maintaining and also shipping such cars to a different city or state you need to take a very special care and protection.

Ship a Car, Inc. has the specialization of handling such classic cars. Therefore, if want to ship a collector car then you must always prefer to use the services of this company. Usually, such classic cars are very high value item and most other car shipping companies cannot insure these cars while shipping, as it exceeds their maximum insurance limit.

While shipping your car, you can either choose to send through open trailer or an enclosed trailer. Open trailers are the most common way of shipping cars, where 6 cars will be transported in same transport but it will remain exposed to outside atmosphere. The cost of shipping in this mode is relatively cheaper.

In enclosed trailer, your car will remain protected against harsh weather condition while it is being transported. However, the cost will be quite high. However, most classic car owners prefer to ship their car in enclosed trailers.

Classic car maintenance tips

Following are few tips for maintaining your vintage classic car.

  • Check fluids

You must regularly monitor the fluid level of classic car, as lower level of fluids can always damage your car. Therefore, you must ensure that you regularly carry out the following:

  • Change your oil regularly
  • Change transmission fluid and also differential oil
  • Flush out the coolant regularly
  • Look for rust

Typically classic cars run into rusting and to prevent this, it is necessary that lubricant must be applied to those areas where any corrosion has occurred. As a prevention, you must keep your classic car away from the water.

  • Check the brakes

While taking your car outside, you need to ensure that its brakes are working perfectly well so that you can drive safely. Make sure that it does not make any noise when brake is applied. Make sure that brake pads are not uneven.

  • Clean the exterior

Cleaning of the exterior must be done regularly however ensure that you only hand wash them instead of washing with water. Use only special soap designed for such cars. After driving classic car, you must hose down its undercarriage.

  • Wax the car

Waxing the car is also another safe idea to keep your classic car clean. By waxing your classic car, you can keep it protected against harsh weather outside. Wax can also be applied every month if you are not driving too often.

  • Clean its interior

Also, you must try to keep interior of your car perfectly clean. You must use suitable vacuum cleaner while cleaning the interior.

  • Replace wear out parts

Another very common issue with old classic car repair is, regardless whichever make it is, deterioration of rubber seals around doors and windows take place, usually because of various wear and tear. Only solution is replacing them with a new one.

Post Author: Olivia Ava