Our Hot Tub

This was the first time my husband and I were buying a hot tub and given a chance again, I would buy from this Modesto hot tubs dealer. We were so “green” and didn’t know what to look for in terms of features or build. We visited many dealers in the locality as well as researched online to get some enlightenment. The dealers and retailers gave us so much information about must-have features, energy requirements and prices such that we ended up being more confused.

One evening during that, as my next door neighbor and I were taking our dogs for a walk, I told her my predicaments and I am glad I did. She recommended I try this hot tubs Modesto dealer whom she was so fond of. She informed me that upon inquiry, the dealer would send a technician to come and see the area we were planning to put up our hot tub before raising an estimate.

The next day I called the dealer’s office and as my neighbors said, the dealer sent a technician who arrived within half an hour. James, the technician’s name was very friendly and knowledgeable about hot tubs. He gave us valuable information on what to look for in hot tubs giving us recommendations on which features we should get and which we shouldn’t. He also explained why some features would or would not be good for us. He also advised us on the best tubs that would suit our home while taking into consideration how we anticipated using it, energy consumption and our budget constraint. He took time to respond to our questions and was so eloquent explaining everything in simple terms that we easily understood. This was the same information other dealers were trying so hard to sell.

After the estimates, we visited the showroom the following day where we went through the models the technician had advised us to look for as well as others to satisfy our curiosity. We purchased one of the recommended models which the dealer delivered and installed within a week. I must say we never felt pressured to make the purchase.

However, the real test would come during winter where we used the tub almost on a daily basis. The hot tubs ran flawlessly all winter long to our joy. The hot tub has become our regular family activity where even our three kids aged 15, 12 and 8 join us every time. Believe you me; there is nothing better than sitting in a tub in the coldest of all days with a drink on hand and the TV remote on the other.

We are very happy dealing this Modesto hot tub dealer and would happily recommend the dealer to any person looking for a hot tub in Modesto CA and its environs. Talk to their excellent customer service officials who will clarify all your issues. What’s more, the company offers a good warranty and an excellent after sale servicing package that includes regular maintenance. This service has been very fantastic as we have never had had a mishap with our tub.


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